As the short-term rental industry grows and becomes increasingly competitive, ensuring your property stands out from the crowd on online platforms all comes down to one key factor. Interior design. So, before you commission professional photos of your property and post them to the Airbnb website, here are some tips on choosing the best furniture for an Airbnb rental to ensure a wonderful guest experience and more importantly… repeat reservations! Trends for 2022 include sustainability (think natural fabrics and organic materials) curves and textures. However, a go-to for an Airbnb rental should always be minimalist. Just as you style a property to sell, a short-term rental need to have universal appeal. Feel free to add feature décor pieces and art that tie in with the surrounding environment, but don’t go overboard.


The Living Room

The living room is often described as the heart of the home, particularly for those who are holidaying with family or friends. Furniture should be comfortable and inviting but also functional. A comfortable lounge and some textured cushions will enhance the relaxation factor, and additional seating – like a statement armchair – can be added depending on your property’s occupancy limit.A coffee table adorned with candles, magazines, books, and flowers will add a homely touch, and adding a practical side table is a seamless way of adding surface area to a room without cramming the space.Finally, the entertainment unit. Options to consider include wall mounting the TV, choosing a media console that complements other furniture or concealing items in a TV cabinet with doors. If the living room is small, go for the wall mounted option.Whilst appearance is key for professional photos, you also must consider the practicality of your furniture, so carefully select a fabric and colour that will wear well.You can’t reasonably ask guests not to eat on the lounge. Even if you do, most will do as they please. Spills and stains will naturally happen. It’s best to be prepared for it. Greys, charcoals, and subtle patterns are best for concealing wear and staining over time. Most colour treated leathers are also fantastic at repelling stains. Give the lounge a thorough clean and apply a fabric/leather protector at least once a year, and you will add years to its life.



There is nothing more enjoyable than a peaceful night’s sleep on a bed with a quality mattress and crisp linens after a full day of work or play. The bed suitability is a factor to consider, it should be well proportioned to the size of the room and should never face a mirrored robe for bad feng shui purposes. Facing the bed towards a view is always a luxury option should the property present. Ensembles are always a safe choice, and often the amongst the cheapest options.

Other important bedroom furniture includes storage spaces like wardrobes and shelves. Bedside tables and lamps add a cosy feel for curling up in bed with a good book, and an occasional chair in the corner if room permits.

If you can fit a King size bed comfortably, spend the extra money. It’s worth it. A King size bed is a luxury that won’t be overlooked by prospective guests. It’ll pay itself off with just one extra booking.


Dining Room

Dining areas typically focus on practicality rather than comfort however they should still be inviting. Space is an important factor as a large room with a small table will look somewhat lost or cold, whereas a small room with a large table can seem unpleasantly crowded. There should be enough space for your guests to move around the table and chairs, and if you have dining chairs with arms, the arms should fit easily under the dining table when the chairs are pushed in. If you have a larger room, you may want to consider a sideboard or buffet for storage.

Ideally, the dining setting will fit two times the number of bedrooms. For example, in a three-bedroom house there should be at least a six-seat dining setting. In climates where weather permits this can be an outdoor setting. If your dining space is outdoors not under cover, consider durable quality table and chairs to withstand the elements. Coastal holiday makers frequently eat meals on a balcony or deck.


Outdoor Furniture

If your Airbnb rental has an entertainment area, it’s worth investing in outdoor furniture which will increase your property’s value. Whether it’s a compact setting for couples or those travelling for work, or a larger outdoor table that will comfortably accommodate larger gatherings with friends or family.

Outdoor furniture requires the same consideration as the lounge, durability. It should be built to withstand the elements. When the property is vacant, or even when guests are present, the furniture will be left in rain, wind, and sunlight. Aluminum is a safe choice, as are plastics. Whatever the choice, try to avoid having them positioned in direct sunlight for the entirety of the day. It can fade paint, and fabrics and degrade cheaper plastics. Also consider their positioning and safety in high winds, particularly for balcony furniture.



Bathroom storage and bench space is an important factor for your guests. Allow for a large enough vanity and cupboard space for guests to store their toiletries whilst in the property. Additional power points are helpful for several guests getting ready at the same time to avoid congestion. The addition of a bathtub for relaxation purposes will add to the lux holiday vibe you’re trying to portray.


Thankyou for taking the time to read this article. We look forward to seeing you on the next one!

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