Bang For Your Buck

Probably the most favorable benefit of them all – a better sale price.

Bringing in high-end furniture makes the interior appear more luxurious, which, as a natural consequence, lifts the perceived value of the house. 

We have come across a number of properties that have been listed in the same market previously (unstyled) and re-listed again after staging. The difference in offer amounts on average was extra $50k – $100k.

A property may be situated in a great suburb, have amazing land value but lack the appeal on the interior of the property, styling allows those final touches to be made and lift the quality of the home to desired price range that the vendors are expecting.

The ‘WOW’ Factor

The saying “you’ll never get a second chance to make a great first impression” really applies when it comes to presenting a home for sale. Believe it or not it only takes is 7 seconds for prospective buyers to decide if they like a home or not. From the moment they arrive, the feeling of finding their dream home either shows up or doesn’t. Professional Home-Stagers are masters at creating exceptional first impressions and know exactly how to position the furniture, artwork and décor to maximise the ‘WOW’ Factor’ of a home.

Make an Enterance

Remember the 7 second rule from previous paragraph? Those precious first seconds are spent looking at photos online, so why not make an entrance into this crazy market and have a property that stands out. This has become more apparent at the start of the pandemic, when the opens were either limited or stopped altogether, so buyers had to rely purely on photos or virtual tours in search of their dream home.

Regardless of the current market performance, having a great photography & styling is always guaranteed to lure more people in. Hiring a professional photographer is one thing, but even the best photographer in the world can only capture what’s in front of him. Any experienced Property Stylist knows exactly which furnishings will compliment a home and make the photos pop. 

As a prospective buyer, it’s perfectly normal to look at several houses before settling on the one, but it also means it’s easy to lose track of which was which.  There is nothing special or thought-provoking about empty rooms, but having a green velvet lounge in the living room? Unforgettable!

Floorplans & Feng Shui

The Home-Staging field is filled with myths and misconceptions. One of the more common misbeliefs is that people would rather see the rooms empty, so they can gauge the true size of the area. This could not be further from the truth.

Furnishing the room is the best way to showcase the actual size of the space, taking away any guesswork and doubts from the potential buyers’ minds. Unless the buyer is an industry expert, chances are they are not going to be able to tell whether the space fits a 2-seater or a 3-seater sofa until they see it for themselves. Professional styling becomes even more advantageous in properties with tricky layouts. Curving walls, thorough-fares, triangular rooms, or vaulted ceilings can leave the buyers confused or even discouraged from buying altogether, as they fail to visualise a good use of the space. Having good feng shui and furnishing it properly will remove this worry and show the potential of the area.

All the Good Features

Another perk of inviting a professional Property Stylist into your home is that they will look at your house with fresh eyes. As they’re walking through, they are picturing where the buyers’ gaze will flow and making mental notes of which features to highlight and which ones to draw the attention away from. 

If you’ve been living in your house for a few years, this may be difficult to pull off on your own, as your eyes would have gotten used to seeing your home a certain way.

You may completely overlook the scuff mark on the wall or the chipping paint, but the prospective buyers will see it all, adding up the renovation costs in their mind. Staging a home has the power to highlight your home’s best features, by creating a visual focal point with the right furniture layout, as well as distract from the less desirable features by keeping the buyers’ gaze fixated on the styling.  That is the main reason why older houses are among the properties that benefit from staging the most.

Thankyou to our amazing agents who are constantly recommending us to their vendors, we really appreciate it.

We pride ourselves on great customer service and ensure we take the time to understand what is going to best present your vendors home for sale.

See you on the next one 😉

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