There’s often only one opportunity to make a great first impression on potential buyers for a home, so it’s important to make sure that the property stands out and has a wow factor about it. Home staging gives potential buyers an insight into how they could make that house their home by transforming each area and showing off its best features. Here are our top 5 benefits of getting your property professionally styled for sale. 

1. Value to the Property

Agents recommend staging a home because it makes it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home.  When a property is professionally staged it is done so in a way that will appeal to the desired lifestyle of buyers. Property Stylists bring in high-end furniture which makes the interior appear more luxurious. Therefore, this lifts the perceived value of the home. Styled homes can make a small room look bigger and a dark room look brighter by choosing the right rental furniture, positioning it the right way, and applying other tips tricks, to enhance the homes appearance.

2. Evoke an Emotional Connection to The Property

With proficiency in interior design, an experienced home stager knows how to highlight the best features of a house and how to level out flaws. They take extra care selecting furniture and decorations, making sure they resonate with the targeted demographics of buyers.

Home staging is a successful strategy of getting inside the buyer’s head and showcasing their ideal lifestyle to them within the property they are viewing. In fact, all it takes is seven seconds for prospective buyers to decide if they like your home or not. From the first moment they arrive, the feeling of finding their dream home either shows up or doesn’t.

3. Appeals to A Broader Market

Home staging is usually done in a certain way, in which people with all tastes, lifestyles and preferences can imagine themselves living in those exact surroundings. Many types of living situations are taken into consideration by professional home stagers. In the long run, this makes the property incredibly attractive to a wide range of people.

4. Help A Seller Achieve the Highest Sale Price in The Quickest Possible Time

According to a Survey of 900 Top Real Estate Agents, 83% of agents said that a staged home sells faster than a vacant property. Staging usually ensures the quickest sale of your property. The process is great at achieving positive first impressions and the illusive “Wow Factor”, drawing buyers in. If you want to sell in the fastest amount of time possible, then this process is worth looking into. It can greatly reduce the amount of time that a home is on the market.

5. Help A Property Stand Out from The Crowd

Properties that are staged when up for sale, tend to be bought quicker than those that are not. Having a professional make your home look the best it possibly can, lessen any competition with other houses in the area.

Home staging doesn’t only help you during opens, it’s also beneficial when marketing your property online, which is especially important in this day in age. Beautiful photography is always guaranteed to lure more people in and hiring a professional photographer and experienced Property Stylist who knows exactly which angles and colours make the photos pop. This will enhance the interior’s appearance and will contribute to potential buyers envision themselves living in the property and will set the dwelling apart from the rest on the market.

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